What is PimpAndHost? Know How You Can Access This Website

Pimpandhost is actually a controversial website which is potentially known for uploading degrading and offensive contents. This free image hosting platform is basically used for sharing images, graphics and videos online. It is best for those internet active users who think that photo sharing online has now become a trend. But this site might not be suitable for every kind of audience as most of its contents are adult related. This is the reason that has forced Google not to index this web portal. Due to its risqué behaviour, you will supposedly not be able to find this domain through Google search engine. However, Bing still indexes this web page.

Reasons for its Popularity:

The Pimpandhost platform has gained popularity because of their abusive and offensive contents. Multiple times this website has been banned by the authorities due to illegal contents. Mainly it’s the adult users who have made this online image hosting site so popular, as they get easy access to a bulk of nudity and crap contents that cannot be found anywhere else.

Not only are these the reasons for its popularity. Another reason which makes this site so famous is its handy and sound features along with advanced functionalities that it uses for viewing and uploading stuff on the internet. In this platform, you can easily share your contents with a vast number of people at the same time.

As Pimpandhost website comes with some additional features, it is completely contrasting to other hosting services. The developers of this website have a vast range of latest and integrated features on their mind, hence they succeed in providing better modifications and enhanced experience.

Exceptional Features Offered by Pimpandhost Website:

In this section, we have discussed some of the defined and outlined features that will not only make your website excellent but also appealing to the users.

  • This website is specifically designed with fast uploading features, thus making it easier for even those who don’t have a Pimpandhost account. But before using this application, it is always better to create an account to enable all its existing features.
  • Through this platform, you can possibly create an album including a collection of photos. It allows the users to create their albums from their personal Pimpandhost account. Furthermore, you can also sort out the images that have been uploaded to these albums as per the categories that are available.
  • This tool allows you to upload images in various file formats, like GIF, BMP and JPG. Also, the image sizes that have been uploaded to this site have a high limit of up to 5 MBs. The images were of seasonable size considering the fact that no charges are applicable.
  • This platform also helps in sharing GIFs that are a kind of animation images. What makes this feature more impressive to the users is that they can even animate the different scenes and acts and can convert them to GIF images.
  • Another eye-catching feature of this website is pimping, i.e., image editing. That means even after uploading images on the site, the user has the provision to edit them.
  • As per the reports of Google Safe Browsing, the Pimpandhost website is rated as safe. This means that you can be assured to access the website without any risk of getting involved in any malicious process and it’s safe from hackers too.

Take a Look at the Services of Pimpandhost Website:

With a vast range of multiple, advanced types of services that this Pimpandhost website offers, it outreaches other hosting service providers. Its main focus is upon enhancing the relationship of the user. Now, have a close look at its services:

  • The pimpandhost.com website is completely free to access, unlike other adult sites. Due to this factor, this cost-friendly platform is widely used for image hosting. Here, there is no need for any additional charges for viewing and sharing images, other than the charges applicable for using local network operators.
  • This website comes with unlimited bandwidth which makes the data transfer rate go high to an extent. As it has limitless bandwidth, by merely registering to the website, you can get easy access to whatever you want.

How to Use This Pimpandhost Platform?

If the purpose of accessing the website is taken into consideration, then two types of users are categorized. First, who visits the site to upload images and second, who accesses the site to view images.

For those who want to view the available images:

  • Go to the official address of Pimpandhost website from the browser.
  • In the Homepage, you will get to see different tabs on the top of the page. From there, you can easily navigate through the tabs in order to enter to your preferred categories.

For those who want to upload images:

  • Go to the official address of Pimpandhost website from the browser.
  • On the Homepage of the website, you will get an Upload button.
  • Simply click on that button to upload images quickly. You get options to either choose the image from your device’s storage or simply drag your files to the Upload button.

But it is advised to create an account before you proceed with uploading images or pictures to this website.

Steps to Create an Account in Pimpandhost Website:

Track down the steps stated here to create an account in Pimpandhost website so that you can access complete features offered by this website like editing images, creating albums and so on.

  • Go to your preferred browser, type pimpandhost.com into it. This will let you enter into the main page of pimpandhost.
  • After that, you need to navigate to the top-right corner of that page. Then click on the Log in or Sign in icon.
  • Further, you need to provide your login credentials, such as, email and the new password into the provided dialog box.
  • Now, you can proceed to upload images, videos, GIFs and so on.

Final Words

Hope that this article has provided you enough information on pimpandhost website where you can share your images and videos in a more cognizant way. No doubt that the accessibility of this website is far more proficient than any other domains. 
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