What is AR Zone App: A Basic Intro & the Features

Are you the owner of Samsung’s flagship phones? Then, you have surely noticed or heard about the AR Zone app. You can see this app in the Play Store and the installation is just the same as any other app.

What is AR Zone App

First, you will have to download it and then allow the apps the permissions it needs. Once the setup is done, you will be able to use the amazing features of the AR Zone app. Now, you might be wondering what are the features and to what extent this app can entertain you.

Moreover, the AR Zone app has six features. And, if you own any of these phones and want to know about the AR Zone app, then read this blog. Here, we have discussed what is AR Zone app along with the features.

What is AR Zone App?

If you own a Samsung flagship phone, then you have noticed the AR Zone app. It is an application that lets you experience augmented reality from your phone. With this application, one can create emojis that look like them. They can also create their personalized set of stickers featuring them.

Further, this has lots of features including virtual handwriting, editing videos with drawings, measuring the distance or size of some object, and even decorating a room. However, this app is limited to a few flagship phones of Samsung. The models are S20 Ultra, Z-Flip, Galaxy S20, and S20+.

The Features of AR Zone App

AR Zone app has 6 basic features that you can avail of after downloading it. These are AR emoji, stickers, doodle, camera, Deco Pic, and Quick Measure. Here, we have discussed each feature in detail.

1. AR Zone Camera

The AR Zone Camera allows you to create your own emoji. So, you can click your picture to create an animated version of yourself. And, you can make a whole set of emojis with your cantonized picture.

Furthermore, you can use the AR Zone Camera for recording videos or clicking pictures. And, there is a wide range of camera modes that you can try. Further, with AR Zone Camera you can not only make an emoji of yourself but of anyone whose picture you click.

You can additionally see some characters in the AR Zone Camera. And, allows you to create videos while using those characters. Now, you must be thinking about what’s more to the AR Zone app. Let’s see the next feature.

2. AR Doodle

If you are a creative person or love doodling, then you are going to love the AR Doodle feature. This particular feature of the AR Zone app can help you bring out your inner artist and create some amazing doodles.

You can choose from the wide collection of abstract patterns or anime characters and practice doodling. This is a great activity for stress reduction as well as dealing with a creative block.

In addition to that, you can choose to use any doodle created by you as the background of images that you have clicked. Therefore, you can create a surreal and beautiful effect. And, the fun part of this feature is when you nod your head, the doodles you create will move.

3. AR Emoji Studio

The most discussed part of the AR Zone app is the emoji studio. This is the easiest way of creating an animated character. You can find a range of options and create an avatar that you like. And then, put those characters you have created in seizing the life moments.

So, it will be basically creating your animated characters and emojis with it.

4. AR Emoji Sticker

Nowadays, people enjoy sending stickers. It is a fun way of communicating or sometimes just reacting. The AR Emoji Sticker will let you fine-tune the characters you made using the AR Emoji studio.

So, you can make the characters more accurate and then share those with your friends. You will see an option saying My Emoji and you will find the rest of the sharing options from there. Just follow the on-screen instructions and you will get your own set of stickers.

5. Dedo Pic

Dedo Pic is an additional feature of the AR Zone app. This particular feature lets you customize your stickers even more. For example, you can add a mustache, change the eye color of your character, or even add a lip color. The purpose of this feature is to make the experience much more personalized.

6. Quick Measure

While all the other features were more on the entertainment site, Quick Measure can help you with some real issues. With this feature, you can decide the interior of your house or select some home décor or even measure the distance of something easily.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, we have satisfied your query of what is AR Zone app. Samsung always manages to awe the users with great features and the AR Zone app is the latest of them. So, give it a try, have some fun. This app can amaze you.



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