Unmould the Resolutions for SKSE64 Not Working problem

Skyrim Script Extender 64 or SKSE64 refers to a crucial part of a game’s mod feature. The application was designed and marketed by Bethesda Gaming Companies and Softworks; it is considered to be one of the most successful role-playing games within the genre of action. However, while accessing it, the users sometimes come across an issue with SKSe64 not working.

Within a short period, Skyrim has managed to become popular among gamers. Nonetheless, they counter a situation where the activities tend to cease. It specifically plays a crucial role in implementing the complex mods in Skyrim Limited Edition. No matter which model you are using, there are probabilities that you will witness issues and will get interrupted.  

The outcome of this problem is that after installing binary mods in SKSE64, the video game players are unable to open the game. Now, it does get launched eventually but pops up a black blank screen. But, worry not! We are here to provide you with the causes and the troubleshooting steps to get the bug resolved within a few minutes. 

Causes of SKSE64 Not Working:

  • Firewall–  There are some situations when the Windows Firewall prohibits several elements of the game from getting in contact with the servers; thus, it disables you to start the game appropriately and fails to load the mods up.
  • Antivirus/Windows Defender– Windows Defender and antiviruses restrict the running of skse64 games. The programs will mark that particular dangerous application as a false report and further cause it to stop. 
  • Updates– The former Skyrim script extender does not work with any new game when the game gets updated as the version & the skse64 program is required to be identical to work. So, either upgrade the SKSE version or roll back it. 
  • Faulty Mods–  Sometimes, a specific mod tends to induce the game’s issues. Generally, older mods fail to work on it because the game then changes. After the updates, the developers release the Mods’ updated versions.

Effective Resolutions for resolving SKSE64 Not Working problem:

Method 1: Grant Firewall Access

  • Click the Start Menu tab and choose “Settings.”
  • Tap on the ‘Updates & Protection’ option from the settings.
  • Go to the left sidebar and choose the Windows Security function.
  • Hit on the ‘Firewall & Network Security’ tab.
  • Next, choose to Enable an application via the firewall option.
  • To request permission, choose Change Settings.
  • Enable the option of “Skyrim” and all regulations via several “Public” & “Private networks.
  • Ensure “Steam” as well.
  • Hit OK to run Skyrim & affirm to view the current issue.

Method 2: Make Antivirus/Windows Defender For Skyrim

  • Navigate to the Start Menu button and select the “Settings” icon.
  • In the settings, hit the option Updates & Protection.
  • Now, move to the left sidebar, and from there, click on the Windows Security tab.
  • Further, choose Security from viruses and threats alternate.
  • Next, hit on the Manage Settings button present under the title of Virus and Threat Security Settings.
  • Next, you need to scroll down to the bottom, and below the Exclusions tab, tap on Add or Remove an Omission.
  • Next, tap on the Exclusion option and select the Folder.
  • Here, you need to add up the Skyrim installation folder.

Point to Remember – While accessing any antivirus, ensure that the Folder also adds up an exclusion or renders it before proceeding. 

  • Lastly, start playing the game to verify whether the issue exists or not.

Method 3: Move to the Older Version

  • The foremost step is to open the web browser and move to the Steam Database site.
  • Navigate to the search bar and type Skyrim over there & tap Enter.
  • Ensure to write down the APPID amount corresponding to the entrance; after that, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” 
  • Now, open the new icon and choose the number. First, the users need to select the “Depot” alternative on this page. 
  • Next, write down the number on the newly displayed page under the section of ID next to the option of Skyrim Special Edition exe.
  • Next, you need to click on the number to allow access to the new page.
  • In the end, within this page, choose the Manifests option.

Method 4: Deactivate the Defective Mods

  • Firstly, run your game and enter Scroll and enable access to the menu. Moving ahead, you need to go to the menu and choose the Mods option.
  • Afterward, place the mods that are responsible for causing problems and disable them.
  • Finally, start the game again & check if SKSE64 Not Working persists.

Method 5: Reboot Your System

When you restart your PC, it does not only refresh the Operating System(OS). Along with it also deletes the information that gets temporarily corrupted. 

Final Words:

However, SKSe64 not working does create issues, but overall the game is adventurous, and you can get the bugs fixed and enjoy the game. 



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