Top 7 attributes to design a winning online start-up in 2020

When an entrepreneur establishes a start-up, the greatest risk is the success rate of growth. 

This is so true that a company needs investment to start, but more than that, the start-up needs effective strategies to give its business a strong boost.

If the strategies you apply to your business are amazing and effective.

Then it would help your business to expand – the strategies that are normally made based on your niche business and its functionality.

In this digital world, the relationship between online businesses and other traditional businesses is greater because more and more people are associated with digital platforms. 

For example, we see that people are more focused on online shopping than in previous years.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best attributes for online start-ups to boost their business growth. 

These strategies, if successful applied, would help the entrepreneurs to make their business large. 

1. YouTube goes viral

One of the hacking strategies to boost your new business is to use YouTube, one of the largest digital platforms for video sharing. 

There are various topics you can shoot YouTube videos on, such as evaluating your brand’s products, customer feedback, explaining your working methodology, etc. 

Most brands usually have brand collaboration and interviews through their YouTube channel, which also showcases the brand’s product.

YouTube always takes a consistent view of posting a channel because it recognizes that it offers more valuable content than the channels that are not active. 

Consistent posts would boost your reputation, brand awareness, and trust, making you go viral.

If you still think that YouTube is not an effective marketing strategy, think of the GoPro, which is gaining popularity because of YouTube. 

GoPro was a camera start-up when they started posting on YouTube to display the video taken by their camera devices. In addition, they sponsored some of the best YouTubers in their country to market their products.

Later they began to publish the evaluation of their products made by famous YouTubers. YouTube also offers paid advertising, which increases your reach for the new audience, even if they are not your subscribers.

2. Make Your Product Viral

Creativity in your products is very important to achieve organic reach. You should introduce something special into your product that encourages the user to share your product. 

For example, when WhatsApp was introduced, users were encouraged enough to share the app with their friends and family members to connect for free via live calls and messages. 

Likewise, you should be able to share the products that influence your friends when a user uses them.

3. Have a Friendly Website

A simple website is key to attracting customers and providing easy access to your customers. 

If your website does not have easy navigation, your customer may feel complex when revisiting it. Easy navigation would help your audience to surf more of your website.

The friendly website would be easy to surf even for the children, but a complex website can have a bad impact on the user, especially the first time they visit it.

4. Have an effective content strategy

Content is the basis of a brand, especially when it appears on digital platforms. Content is king for a brand, and if the king is not strong, the king would be ruined.

Several rules should be followed when thinking about high-quality content. 

The content should be engaging, compelling, inviting, unique, and powerful to capture the interest of the audience.

Now, if you are unable to produce high-quality content, you should opt to optimize your content by using a rephrase tool that replaces the simple words in your content with the most appropriate synonym and make your content unique, which is more effective.

In addition, this tool would also help to remove any plagiarism in order to make it fit for the search engine.

5. Collaboration with the Related Fellow

Whether you are a blogger or run an online store, collaboration is one of the best ways to guide the audience, because you get the support of the other person that might be relevant to your market. 

The biggest advantage of working together is the sharing of employees “followers. In addition, it redirects traffic to another brand that needs support.

6. A better customer representative would be helpful

If you need to keep your audience long-term, quality service is a must. However, to make your visitor’s long-term customers, you should have better products and customer representatives.

Customer Representative means communicating better with your customers and enabling them to communicate easily. 

If they have any complaints about your brand or products, you should respond immediately and positively to them.

By solving each of their problems, they will be more interested in your brand. This would increase the popularity, sales, traffic, and leads to your brand.

7. Use Social Media

Social media is one of the best platforms that would help your brand to increase your brand awareness as well as your sales. 

There are billions of people using social media, which means having more opportunities for a start-up to grow better and more successfully.

Social media can help sell your products, make your brand viral, and make your content more accessible. If you don’t have a large following, you can use paid advertising to reach your target audience.

However, one of the other advantages of using social media is that it provides each of your campaigns with analytics that can help make your campaigns effective. 

For example, if you are running a campaign but you are not reaching out positively, you can change it by looking at people’s analyses and behavior with respect to your campaign.


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