Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software for Windows in 2021

You never know when you can find yourself in trouble and feel despair because all your records have unexpectedly vanished from your laptop for some unknown reason. Many users around the world have faced a similar situation at least once in a lifetime, so you are not alone with your problem. Even though you may think that you can hardly do anything about that, you still have a chance to reconstruct removed docs and any types of records from the buggy hard disks. If you decide to turn to a specialist for help, you should be ready to spend a pretty penny since such services are expensive. However, you can read paperhelp reviews to free up your schedule and try the records reductive tool to handle the issue free of charge.


Many users claim that it is one of the most popular and useful programs you can give a try. You can apply it to reconstruct records from various storage devices. And it doesn’t matter what version of Windows you use since it works great everywhere, even if your operating system is as old as your grandma. If you don’t want to install this tool, you can visit the official resource and grab its portable version instead of a regular one.

Thus, if you have accidentally deleted some key records, you can fix it. Don’t be afraid that you may not cope with it since it has been created for rookies, so it is simple to use. And an-board wizard will do almost the whole scope of work instead of you and deal with required settings.

So, when you determine the parameters and choose the location, it will scan it and show you all the records it can reconstruct. And another advantage is the ability to preview multimedia content before regeneration. The color indication will show the records’ current state; for example, the green color suggests a high likelihood of normal restoration. This tool offers simple and sophisticated scanning modes, so you can try another one if the first one fails.

Glary Undelete

Frankly speaking, it will not be redundant for people to install the whole GlarySoft package. It can help you optimize and fine-tune Windows, operating with disks, records, registry, etc.

And with specific reference to Glary Undelete, it is a pretty qualitative tool that you can use free of charge when there is a necessity to reconstruct different info types. It operates without any issues with all the most common record systems and allows you to reconstruct even archived and encrypted records.

The default search allows you to find info by its name, or date, or size. Ad this function may come in handy when you have retrieved thousands of records on the disk, while you require only one special thing. The interface stands out with its simplicity and user-friendliness, so you will hardly face any difficulties.

Disk Drill

It can help you with reconstructing various multimedia records, documents, etc. In addition to all possible Windows versions, it works well with SD cards, thumb drives, hard disks, sweep drives, iPods, etc.

The application can reconstruct records after deleting them from a basket and after formatting a disk, changing partitions, virus infection, or a record system failure. It offers you fast and more sophisticated (and time-consuming) types of scanning. Its unique records reconstruction algorithms allow you to fix your issue just in a few clicks.

Transcend RecoveRx

This tool may come in handy if you own the latest versions of Windows and require the reconstruction of various removed documents and records even after formatting the hard drive. If you have an issue with some storage device like HDD, SD cards, etc., this program may help you meet this challenge.

The interface doesn’t offer any hard-to-adjust variables, so even a rookie can deal with it. Besides, the in-built wizard will become your main helper, so even if you are an inexperienced user, you can successfully reconstruct all the required records.

Power Data Recovery

It is a robust and efficient software capable of reconstructing info, even in the most deplorable situations when other tools cannot meet this challenge. It can become your safety ring in the cases when your laptop has been infected with viruses, or you have unsuccessfully formatted the media or faced issues with bipartitions creations, etc. So, if you use one of the common versions of Windows, you can give it a try.

It conveniently displays the list of reconstructed records, supports all common record systems and RAID arrays, and works wonderfully with all possible drivers.


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