Tips for Wearing Glitter Makeup for a Glamorous Look

For a number of years, now, glitter makeup has been in vogue and has been gaining popularity among celebrities, fashionistas, and makeup enthusiasts around the world. Earlier, it was believed that glitter makeup was exclusively suited for a bold and glamorous look. And while you can certainly use glitter to up the glamor quotient, glitter makeup is quite versatile.

Thus, glitter make can be used to create different makeup looks. Whether you want to look glamorous for a date night or are trying to achieve a more festive feel for an event or concert, glitter makeup can help you create the look that you want, with minimal hassle and effort.

Glitter Makeup Tips for Recreating the Best Makeup Looks


  • Choosing the Right Glitter Accent


Choosing the right color and accent is essential when using glitter makeup. First, you have to decide on the type of look you are trying to achieve. If a chic and glamorous look is what you’re going for, then metallic and neutral accents such as silver, bronze, or gray might be ideal for you. On the other hand, for more festive occasions, you might opt for brighter accents such as gold, ocher, blue, or pink. Metallic hues can work very well with glitter when applied on the lips or the eyes. However, you should ensure that the look is well balanced and doesn’t end up making you look unnaturally sparkly and vibrant.


  • Balancing the Hues


Good glitter makeup is essentially a balancing act between glamor and minimalism. It is important to pick one part of the face to glitter up and to then stick to that only. Using glitter everywhere can be counterproductive, it will make you look as if you’re wearing a costume rather than making a chic fashion statement. So, in case you’re using glitter on your eyes, minimize the use of highlighter on your cheekbones and try to avoid putting a glittery lip-gloss. Glitter makeup should make you look glamorous and festive, not tacky and over-the-top.


  • Opt for Neutrals


If you’re uncomfortable with being too bold with your makeup, you may be better off choosing some of the more muted shimmery shades such as gray, silver, or teal. Bronze or black glitter can also work surprisingly well when combined with a simple dress and minimal accessories. Highlight your eyes with subtle shades such as brown or beige, and add on the glitter, then go easy on the rest of your makeup. This will help you stand out from the crowd without looking overdressed for the occasion. According to experts, flat tones such as bronze or beige are perfect for a glitter makeup, as the sparkle from the glitter will makeup for the relative dullness of the base tone.


  • Sparkling Eyes Before All Else


The process of application can be quite messy when it comes to glitter makeup, as the glitter product can spread wider than you had intended unless you are very careful. One way to avoid this is to complete the eye makeup first. This way, if you end up with glitter on your cheeks while applying the shimmery eyeshadow, you can wipe it off without ruining the rest of your makeup. This will help you keep your face looking neat and fresh, and save you a lot of time which would otherwise have been spent re-applying makeup that you had to wipe off in order to get rid of the excess glitter.  


  • Cosmetic Glitter Glue


A cosmetic glitter glue is a must have, especially if you plan to stay out for a number of hours and want your glitter makeup to last all night. A cosmetic glitter glue will help you hold all the elements of your makeup in place and will ensure that the glitter doesn’t fall off over the course of the night. Glitter needs something to which it can stick, especially when it is bought in the form of loose powder. In the absence of a high-quality glue, some of the glitters might fall off or get wiped off your face over the course of the night, ruining the overall look. You may also consider using a setting spray once you are done with the makeup.


  • Precision and Layering


Layering and precision are two of the most important things you have to keep in mind when applying glitter makeup. The product containing glitter should always form the top layer of your makeup, as this will ensure that the glitter has maximum visibility. Precision too is very important, particularly when you are using a darker shade or color, which can ruin the entire look if you happen to botch it. Especially when it comes to the eyes and the lips, the application must be as precise as possible in order to highlight your natural features to the greatest extent possible.

In Conclusion

These are just some of the tips and tricks you can use to get the most out of your glitter makeup while ensuring that you achieve the look that you were going for. For the best results, you should only buy high-quality glitter products from reputed and trusted makeup brands.

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