The Best Free Movie Apps you can Get in 2019

We’re going to talk about the best free movie apps you can get in 2019. 

Now, movies have always been very popular no matter where and whom you ask. And now in the age of high-speed internet, this has become a lot more so. 

That has led to better production and great stories in general. Basically, everything that can be there to enhance the movie watching experience has improved altogether. 

And nowadays, we are even getting to see a lot of these streaming apps that are there for free. 

But just because it’s free, it doesn’t mean that there will be a severe compromise with quality. You will be able to watch fantastic shows with all the great qualities that might be there. 

And if you go through this post, you’re going to find out about those movie apps which come free of cost. And then, how good they are actually. 

So let’s get to that without further ado. 

Why Consider the Different Free Movie Apps 

It is very important to tackle this one question before we get into anything else on this topic. 

And that is, why one should consider going for those free movie apps? Is cost factor the only parameter of measurement to decide the use of these apps. 

Or is there something that is really good about them that you should consider? 

Well, let me tell you that the best ones among those apps are really good. And can give a lot of paid movie streaming apps a complete run for their money. 

Now there are three important measuring factors that decide which free movie app is good and which are the ones that you should avoid. 


  • Library: How many different kinds of movies are there in the library of that particular app is very important. Because the more there is, the more will you be able to enjoy. 
  • Video Quality: Yes, this is going to be rather important because who would like grainy videos. When today you can get high definition videos. 
  • Ease of Use: This is that thing which is going to decide how many people will be able to use the interface. The easier it will be to use, the better the chances it would have of catching on. 


In deciding the best free movie apps, we have taken into consideration these factors. 

And if you download and use any one of these, then that is going to work very well for you. So let’s get going with that. 

6 Best Free Movie Apps of 2019 

Now just have a look at this list of the best apps from where you will be able to watch movies for free. 

Tubi TV 

I’m going to start with Tubi TV which boasts one of the best libraries among the free movie apps. 

The number is in the thousands and no matter what mood you might be in, Tubi TV is going to have something which you can start enjoying right away. 

The quality of the videos you can stream with these are also very good and is going to give you a great experience. 

But there is more that you can get from this particular free movie application. Just download it from the Google Play Store and you’re good to start enjoying the movies. 

The easy to use control interface of this app also helps in discovering new movies in a better manner. Very fitting because of the great size library that they have. 


After Tubi TV, we again have a really powerful and effective free movie app with Vudu. The best thing that you get is a great selection of full-length feature films with high-definition videos. 

And if you’re a true HD streaming fanatic, then this one is a must download for you. As the HD streaming feature of this app is absolutely fantastic. 

Then there is the fantastic quality of audio that you can get. That is due to the Dolby Atmos system, which this app supports. The sound is going to be very clear and crisp and you’re going to hear every little detail in it. 

And going beyond that, you can enjoy 4K videos on this as well. Although you will get to see ads, they aren’t going to be super annoying. 

Vudu covers every genre of movies and I bet you wouldn’t try anything else if you start using this. 

OneBox HD 

If there has been one free movie app that has risen meteorically over the past few months, then that is definitely going to be OneBox HD and for good reason. 

Firstly, with OneBox HD you are going to get high-quality videos and that of great movies as well. 

The best part is that you wouldn’t even have to create an account for getting access to the content. It’s very simple, just download and start using it. 

This is another reason why this app has been so successful. And that too in such a short amount of time as compared to other free movie apps. 

Searching through the ever-expanding library that is there with OneBox HD is very easy as well. Because of the large number of filters that are there, it’s going to be rather easy for you to search for the movie that you want to watch. 

And it is also the same thing, which is going to help you discover great movies and web shows. 


This one is quite a bit interesting and that is mainly because of technical reasons. 

Kodi is not a stand-alone free movie app, but it helps you watch movies online free of cost. And as usual, the video quality and the usability if this app is top notch. 

Once you download the repository file, then that is going to help you stream the movie directly. But this is not only for movies and you will be able to stream music using this as well. 

An absolute entertainment system, Kodi is definitely among the more popular ones. 

Although it might seem a bit difficult to use in the beginning, still with the instructions that are there, it’s going to be rather easy for you to understand and then use. 

This one is going to be very great if you have limited space in your smartphone. As just alone, Kodi is going to take care of all of your multimedia entertainment needs. 


We have another very easy to use free movie app which you’re going to enjoy very much. 

Not only TerrariumTV has one of the best libraries in the matter of free movie apps, but the video quality of those streams is going to be fantastic. 

Now, these are not the absolute best things that you can get from this free movie streaming app. It’s the user interface that specifically makes this app so great. 

Not only is searching through the library of content much simpler but categorizing them is going to be very easy with all the different systems that are there. 

All of these things about this particular free movie app is what makes it have users from around the world. And so, you’re going to get subtitles of the movies in many different languages. 

Thus no matter where in the world you might be from, you’ll be able to understand and then enjoy movies. 

Movie HD App 

For the last free movie app on this list, I choose the Movie HD App which has all the necessary great qualities that a quality movie app must possess. 

From an expansive library full of great movies and tv shows to high video quality, you’re going to get all of that from this, along with a great user interface. 

This app is going to have the need to sign up in order to access all the content that is there. And once you do that, you’ll be able to download your favorite movies on to your hard drive. 


With this, we complete our list of the best free movie apps that you can download in 2019. 

And if you want to get access to the best and biggest library possible, then you will have to download more of these apps. 

Once you start using them interchangeably, then you will have the best library that you can have. 

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