The 5 Best Platforms for Website Development

Many years ago, only certain companies could boast of having a website since it was a sign of prosperity and prestige and could cost you a pretty penny. However, many things have changed since that moment, and today you will not surprise anyone with having a site. Well, people will be rather surprised if you don’t have any, even though your sphere of activity suggests having one. Indeed, when you want to find out about some services or order some goods, you open your browser and start searching. If a person doesn’t come across a company there, then it might not exist at all. If you decide to promote your services or create a calling card or start an online store, it is worth creating a website. 


You can hardly find a person who has never heard about this platform at least once. Many people consider it the best platform for website development when you are not good at coding. The main feature of this platform is the ability to make changes to the PHP section. You can download a free engine and various templates free of charge, so you can save a pretty penny. It will take you about several minutes to install it and start adjusting to your needs. Everything is pretty intuitive here, so you will hardly face any difficulties. Well, now you might understand what made this platform so popular worldwide. And the in-built visual editor will greatly simplify the process of content adding. Even though the very platform lacks some functionality, various add-ons can help solve this issue. And you can be calm for your website’s security since constant automatic updates will protect you from malware.


Tilda is a website builder that will suit you well if you need to create a project quickly. Many website designers use it to develop really interesting sites that will meet the demands of picky clients. So, if you have an eye for detail, you can create a high-quality website with amazing design and functionality. Talking about the strong sides of this platform, one can mention it’s user-friendliness and intuitive interface. You can use this platform for creating a landing page or an online store. It can boast of flexible design and blog editor but bear in mind that many cool features are unavailable in the free version.


If you are looking for a platform that can allow you to create a stunning website just for one evening, you should try this site builder. It will help you realize all your bold ideas. However, you can also use various ready-made templates and add corrections with an easy-to-use editor. The great thing is that it is pretty adaptive, so you can create mobile versions. It can boast of diverse functionality and advanced SEO. It can provide you with a free trial period, so you can give it a try anyway.


This platform is not that popular as the first one on the list, but it is pretty famous in certain circles. People use it to create business card websites, promo pages, small online stores, etc. Users like it for its design, a wide variety of templates, and user-friendliness. You will be able to work with a visual editor only with the help of a mouse. The platform’s main advantage is the quantity and quality of existing templates since all of them are free and even divided into categories for the users’ comfort. Some features, such as using video content and awesome icons, help it stand out from the rest. The platform has been created for beginners, so you cannot bring changes into HTML. If you need to increase the functionality, you can go to the app stores and apply some extensions like online payments, SEO settings, etc.


If you are looking for a platform that allows you to design an online store, this one is the best solution. Especially if you are going to create a huge online store with several hundred thousand products.

And it will also appeal to those who create websites for clients. So, you can create up to 5 sites for one price. Therefore, the profitability of each project will be incredible. Unfortunately, this platform offers users only 9 free templates, so you should know how to code and be ready for payments. Its functionality involves callback service, online support, etc.


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