Effective Methods to Overcome Popcorn Time Not Working Issue

Popcorn Time is a productive media platform that is used by millions of users for listening to music and watching various movie torrents. But often due to its algorithm issue or many other issues, it fails to work properly. This led its users to fail to connect with the Popcorn Time and also prevented them from loading and connecting properly.

Popcorn Time Not Working Issue

If you are also a frequent user of Popcorn Time and all of a sudden finds that it stopped working or is freezing, then this post will be of great help to you. Here you will get to know the probable reasons that cause this error in your device as well as the solutions to fix them out.

Probable Causes that Lead to Popcorn Time Not Working Issue:

Millions of users download this Popcorn Time, a free movie torrent streaming app. Due to some reasons, the Popcorn Time stops working while streaming and this is what troubles the users to a large extent.

First of all, the Popcorn Time movies fail to load probably because its domain Time4Popcorn.eu was suspended, and also for a while the functioning of the client programs gets stopped.

Occasionally, Popcorn Time fails to connect and load movies due to the legal laws in America which officially restricts any such program that enables the Americans to violate the copyright easily. Another proved cause due to which Popcorn Time not working issue occurs is because of the antivirus software and firewalls or any other software program that you might have launched on your device and is not compatible with it.

How to Resolve Popcorn Time Not Working in Android?

There are many Android smartphone users who use Popcorn Time seamlessly. Most of the user’s never faced any such problem using this platform as it works quite well. However, there are some users who find that the videos are buffering while streaming through this program. For them, it is recommended to check their internet connection whether it is working perfectly fine or not. This is because, in a medium speed internet connection, Popcorn Time works perfectly fine.

Also, ensure that there is enough storage left on your phone. Because if your phone does not have sufficient storage space, then it might be an issue for many. In case the problem still persists, then you need to uninstall and reinstall the app again.

How to Resolve Popcorn Time Not Working in Mac?

There is no doubt that Popcorn Time is the only free streaming app that is officially available both for Windows as well as Mac. If you are streaming movies using this app on your Macbook Air, then most of the time, it will run smoothly. But sometimes while using it, you might face any issue in your Mac like the app fails to work or it freezes automatically.

It might be an issue with your Mac device, that is to say, you are using many software applications at a time due to which the app freezes. So, ensure not to use too many applications at a single run as this might affect the performance of the device and also restricts Popcorn Time not to work seamlessly.

Resolving Techniques of Some Other Popular Errors Related to Popcorn Time:

  • Media Player Error

There are some particular videos that are not supported by the default media player. Thus, Popcorn Time will not allow streaming those videos and it will display an error. This happens with many of the users. If you want to overcome this, then follow the steps described hereunder.

  • First of all, you need to download and install the VLC player on your device
  • Now, just open the app and look for the web series or movies you want to stream
  • Once you get that, just click on it and click on the white arrow situated just at the right of the Watch Now button
  • From there, choose the VLC Player
  • Thereafter, click on the Watch Now button

Once you perform these steps, you will see that the Media Player error gets resolved.

  • Subtitles Error

Often the users get the subtitles error, but this does not imply that the issue is with the entire app. The issue occurs only with some specific videos or movies that possess this subtitles error. To make it work out smoothly, check out the settings of the subtitles.

  • Error in Windows

In case you are facing difficulties while using Popcorn Time in the Windows interface, then you need to check and verify your device at first.

There is a possibility that you are using too many pirated applications on your device which causes your Windows device to slow down with the passage of time. Also, if there is little storage left in your device, then it will have a direct effect on the speed of your device. So, delete unnecessary data if you find that enough storage is not left on your device. Also, check for any junk files and cache in your device. In case, you find them then ensure to delete those files from your device as these may slow down your device.

Sometimes, due to usage of pirated Windows, you might find that the Popcorn Time not working. So at that moment, you need to reinstall the pirated Windows version and also turn off the option of Auto Update. Even if possible then it will be always a better alternative to switch to the original Windows as it works much better than the pirated version.

There are many users who think that is Popcorn Time safe to use? Well, it is absolutely safe to use. But when you are using this particular application on your Mac device, then it never asks for any usage of VPN. On the other hand, if you are using this application on your Windows PC, then it always asks for a VPN. But the users must be aware of the fact that it is not necessarily important to use a VPN for streaming your video via this app.



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