Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Software is the web’s most trusted plagiarism checker. The tool has been thoroughly-designed, rigorously-tested, and specially fine-tuned by well-experienced plagiarism experts, content analysts, and developers to deliver letter-perfect results that are correct in every detail.

While Plagiarism Software has been built to help you check for plagiarized content, the tool is much more than just a plagiarism tool. It is a complete content analysis machine terrifically engineered to give you all the possible details and data about any piece of text you plug into it.

From word count statistics, length statistics, and reading time statistics, to keywords statistics, keyword density, grammar and spellings status, you’ll get them all in the most flawless presentation, beautifully organized for you.


  • 100% plagiarism check (with red text reference)
  • Ability to check plagiarism from webpage URL, cloud based files, and local storage
  • Support for files in .txt, .doc and .docx formats
  • Clickable links to see the original sources of plagiarized content
  • Third-party red text highlights (this mean when you click to see the original source, the plagiarized work will be highlighted in red on the third-party website, for easy detection)
  • Anti-plagiarism mechanism (unique/original content checking)
  • Dropbox integration
  • Keyword to total word ratio (shown in percentage)
  • Keyword density statistics for 1-word, 2-word, and 3-word keywords
  • Built-in grammar checking mechanism
  • Built-in spelling checking and correction mechanism
  • Basic word count statistics (number of words and characters)
  • Extra word count statistics (syllables, sentences, unique words, average word length, average sentence length, paragraphs, difficult words, etc.)
  • Estimated reading time statistics
  • Estimated speaking time statistics
  • Length statistics (for short and long words)
  • Longest words (by number of characters)
  • Longest sentences (by number of characters)
  • And more!


Our tool is used by several groups of people across a variety of industries. If you work with content, then Plagiarism Software is for you. Below are the categories of users we have seen sign up on our website:

  • Small business owners
  • Content managers
  • Freelance content creators
  • People who hire freelance writers
  • Bloggers and digital content publishers
  • Teachers and professors
  • Students
  • Journalists and news sites
  • Anyone who cares about working with only data-driven content that truly gets results.


Our tool has been specifically developed by expert hands to excellently return the most helpful results you can find in a content analysis tool.

When you enter your content into Plagiarism check Software for plagiarism check, the tool runs a cross-check, comparing your piece of text with literally billions of web pages across the entire internet.

Plagiarism Software also has its own database of billions of words, which it uses to analyze your text to check for incorrect grammatical construct, wrong spellings, unusual words, keyword density, and so on.

With Plagiarism Software, you can expect the highest level of accuracy and quality in the results we deliver.

Each result is displayed in a well ordered manner for easy assimilation on your part. That way, you can fully and quickly understand the result and make the best use of it. Just plug in your content, click on the “Submit” button, and then watch the magic happen right before your very own eyes.

If you’re a small business, the tool has been customized to best meet your needs. If you’re a college person (students and teachers), the tool has been developed to serve you to the max. If you’re a digital content professional (writers and publishers), the tool has been tailored to deliver first-string results like you’ve never seen before.

This means Plagiarism Software is able to squarely meet your needs irrespective of your field, experience, and technical knowledge.

And talking about technical knowledge, Plagiarism Software is extremely user-friendly, easy to use, and does not require any technical experience to use.

The tool is even compatible with MS Word, txt files, and cloud storage, or you can simply enter a website URL to scan the entire site. With this, you can check content from your own website to ensure nobody has been ripping you off!

Our content security is also top-prime. We do not store, view, or share any text you uploaded while using the tool.