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Most Frequently Asked WordPress Hosting Questions Answered

January 2, 2020

Most Frequently Asked WordPress Hosting Questions Answered

WordPress has come a long way since its release of the first version in 2003. This community is constantly growing and on today’s date, it has become the most widely used CMS in the market. The WordPress platform is easy to use, free and open-source that has made it highly popular and preferred CMS.

With this platform, even a novice user can build a website of his own. Just select a theme, add images, content and there you go. Your website is ready, but that doesn’t mean it will be accessible worldwide?  


Unless you host your website on the server, other internet users can’t access your website.

The web hosting provider offers different types of web hosting services like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, business hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, etc. But if your website is built in WordPress it’s always better to go with WordPress hosting.

While dealing with a web host, you will need to have a basic understanding of a few terms related to WordPress hosting.

In this article, we have covered some most frequently asked questions about WordPress hosting that will clear all your doubts and you will get complete insights about it.

  1. What is WordPress hosting?

Usually, hosting servers are pre-configured with common configuration unless it is a VPS or a dedicated server. But, these configurations do not work for every site. Therefore, WordPress hosting is specially designed for websites built in WordPress. In WordPress hosting, the platform is optimized to meet the requirement of a WordPress website.  

To make it easier for WordPress users to get started with WordPress hosting, it is composed of one-click installation.

  1. What is the difference between shared hosting and WordPress hosting?

Shared hosting provides some basic level of optimization for WordPress websites. While in WordPress hosting, the server is set up with an environment ideally suitable for WordPress websites. Automatic WordPress updates, pre-configured WordPress, malware scanning, platform upgrade, backups, etc. all of this is included in WordPress hosting.

In short, all that it takes for your WordPress website is managed by the WordPress hosting provider.

  1. What differentiates WordPress hosting from other type of web hosting?

A WordPress hosting server, or managed WordPress hosting is specifically built to deliver the finest WordPress hosting environment for websites built in WordPress. This type of hosting environment stands out from others because of the software configurations and the type of setup.

  1. What are some advantages of using WordPress hosting?

If you are a WordPress user, then WordPress hosting can be effective for your site. Some of the advantages of using WordPress hosting are:

  • Secured: This platform has more security as the server is optimized with a specific configuration for WordPress instead of a basic security
  • Improved performance: All the elements of the server are streamlined for the finer performance of your website in WordPress.
  • Dedicated Team: Most of the providers of WordPress host have a dedicated team of WordPress specialists to manage the servers.
  1. What are the drawbacks of WordPress hosting?

As the WordPress hosting platform is specially designed for WordPress websites, for a beginner it may be quite pricey and thus, may not be the perfect solution for all WordPress users.

Some WordPress hosting providers even set some restrictions for the configuration you can make on your website or with the plugins that you can install. So, for example, if you want to install a plugin that is not allowed, you will need to contact your hosting provider.

  1. Who would benefit from using WordPress hosting?

If your website receives high traffic and you are facing decreased performance with shared hosting service then WordPress hosting will surely give you some benefits.

You will drastically see an increase in the performance of your WordPress website as well as in the overall performance and page loading speed when you move your site to WordPress hosting server.

  1. What if I don’t have a WordPress site, can I still use WordPress hosting?

No. WordPress hosting is specially designed for users who have designed their site using WordPress. While shared hosting is more suitable for websites that aren’t built using WordPress. Some WordPress hosting services provide shared environments with some WordPress add-ons which means you are sharing server space with other WordPress users.

  1. Is managed WordPress hosting secure?

WordPress is the most widely used CMS, at the same time this platform is more likely to face web attacks. A managed hosting provider will take care of all the security aspects of your website as it will focus on keeping your site up-to-date. With all the latest security updates your site will remain more secure. They will also keep a watch on your plugins and tools to maintain the security of your WordPress website.

  1. Why should I consider getting managed WordPress hosting?

So that you can focus on what you are skilled in. With managed WordPress hosting, you can leave all the technical aspects to your hosting provider instead of working on technical aspects that will leave you baffling.

A managed WordPress hosting provider will take care of all the aspects such as security patches, WordPress updates, installations, etc. They help you with setting up your site quickly and easily. Let their WordPress specialists handle the technical aspects while you can work on growing your business.

  1. If I have a managed WordPress hosting, can I still self-install and update plugins and themes?
    Yes. The main objective of managed WordPress hosting is to help you make the hosting and management of your WordPress website easy and not to restrict you from making any customizations to your site. You have full freedom to install or remove the themes or plugins on your website

Final Thoughts

We have tried to cover maximum questions and hope that the answers must have clarified a lot of your doubts. These answers must have helped you gain some extra information which you might not know earlier.

If you have some doubts about WordPress hosting, ask us in the comments below and we will answer any queries that you have.

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