How to Remove Bad Reviews from Google Local

Google Local is the listing of your local business where the users can post their reviews, their photos. We can also find a business’s Google Plus page with useful information about their business and the posts they share with the customers.

If you search for something specific like “local mobile shop”, Google local listing will show the very local businesses in the search engine result page (SERP). Google also shows the overall rating based on the reviews and ratings by the users and other details like the number of reviews along with their Google Plus page link.

remove bad reviews from google

Google Local listings also appear on searching for relevant terms on Google Maps. However, clicking on the reviews link will take you on the Google Local page.

So, if you manage an online business on Google and maintain the reputation by always having the good ratings and reviews from the users, you’ll never want any bad review will destroy that. We recommend you our best Web Development Service to tackle this problem.

Some Important Facts You Need to Know

According to an online survey, Google dominates the review market. In fact, being the most popular website in the world, Google is also the No.1 site for online reviews. Approximately, 60% of consumers like to check online Google reviews for a particular business before visiting them. Furthermore, in the search of a local business, around 20% of people consider Google as the most important deciding factor.

According to a study by Forbes, most of the adults in the US, land on Google review page before making a transaction in that business. Moreover, 45% of the customers decide not to perform any transaction if they find any bad reviews about the company and 56% of the respondents are influenced by the positive information that motivates them to make a purchase transaction with the business they search for reviews on Google. Hence, it is crucial to maintain a good review section which will ultimately affect your business. Connect with the best Web Development Service to access full assistance on how to maintain an online reputation of your business by removing the bad reviews from Google Local.

So, You Have Got Bad Reviews In Google Local? What Now?

The Reviews section of your business is often found receiving bad and hate comments. If you manage a business on Google Local, you never want these comments which eventually damage your business reputation. In other words, you look for a solution to get rid of this problem. You always need to use a tactical way to mitigate such a situation when your customers leave bad comments in the review section.

It’s really hard to take a business losing its reputation just because of some bad reviews. But, wait! There are certain ways to minimize damage to the company’s credibility.

How to Remove Your Own Reviews

Anyone with a Google account can write reviews on any Google Local listing. Anonymous review on Google is not possible anyway. All reviews on Google are public and everyone can see the review that you write. In case, you change your mind or you are convinced to make a change in the writing, you will be able to edit or delete the review. You need to sign in to your Google account before doing so.

Firstly, open Google Maps on your computer or mobile. On the top left, you would find the ‘menu’ option, under which you will find an option ‘your contribution’. In the ‘Reviews’ section, you will find the reviews made by the users. Click the three dots on the top right corner of the particular review which you want to delete or edit and choose the right option.

How to Remove Google Reviews of Someone Else

It is never easy to delete a bad or hateful review from Google. You will not get a delete button under each review to remove it from the section. In most of the cases, it is found that the businesses who are successful in having an online review, apply a very particular process.

Respond the Way to Win Over Customers

Responding to a customer review always makes an impact on the mind of the customer. Just follow some basic principles to gain customer attention. So that you can convince him to change or edit the comment he made.

You should respond as quickly as possible and make the point brief and easy to understand. Apologize to the customers even if the fault wasn’t yours because sometimes ego doesn’t allow you to think openly.

Always offer to fix the problem and follow up with your promises. Remember, it’s not only about responding, but it’s also about the way you respond to the dissatisfaction of the customers. Public response to a customer’s negative review always catches the eye of the other potential customers. It represents that the business cares for its customers, and listens to their voice to deal with any kind of problem.

Are you able to convince the customers? Usually, it is seen that happy customers become one of the most powerful business promoters. Request them to edit or delete their bad reviews and ask them if they know how to do this. If they don’t know about the procedure, then it is your responsibility to make them know about the previously-mentioned ways to remove or edit any review.

We frequently deal with these situations where we have to help in the removal of bad reviews. So, you can contact us for the best web development services and we will make sure all your requirements are efficiently catered to.

Fake Review? Ask Google for Help

Usually, it is common to have fake or unwanted reviews on Google. Sometimes, your business competitor deliberately posted bad reviews or maybe it’s some spammers who can do the same. To fight over this, firstly, determine the authenticity of the reviews you get on Google. It’s not always possible to identify all your past customers.

While Google has spam detection measures to remove the fake and the spammy reviews, but sometimes, it’s not possible for even Google to detect which ones are spam. In this type of situation, you need to take action yourself.

Flag as Inappropriate

If you have found that the review violates the Google content guidelines, or it’s a spammy or hateful review, make attempts to delete the Google review by flagging it.

Sign in to Google My Business and choose the specific business. Then click on the ‘Reviews’ section from the menu and find the specific review you would like to flag.

You will be having the option ‘Flag as inappropriate’ after clicking the 3-dot menu on the top right corner of that particular review. Select the option and give a reason to remove it from the ‘Reviews’. Google will take action as per their policy.

Speed Up the Process

Apart from the above method, you will have another option to speed up the process of deleting a Google review by requesting a chat, callback or emailing support.

On Google My Business, in the ‘Menu’ section, you will find an option ‘Support’.

A popup i.e ‘Contact Us’ will appear. Look for another option ‘Need More Help’. 

Choose ‘Customer Reviews and Photos’ and then ‘Manage Customer Reviews’.

You will be given three options to select i.e ‘Request callback’, ‘Request chat’, and ‘Email support’.

Remove Bad Reviews and Build Online Reputation

Following the right procedure when you get bad Google reviews on your site can save your online reputation from damage. There is no simple trick or straightforward way to tackle the situation. In this article, we have provided all the possible tips and tricks following which you can easily delete or edit a review on Google. Be prepared for this situation and build a 5-star online reputation for your business by resorting to the best Web Development Services.


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