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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding And Engagement Ring

What is an Engagement

Engagement is the first big ceremony of grand Indian Marriage. In Indian Wedding, Engagement is considered as a function after which it is confirmed that the girl and boy will be future husband and wife. In a traditional engagement ceremony the girl and boy usually exchange their rings. They commit one another to become husband and wife in future. These days this ceremony takes places two times. One is called traditional engagement and another is before the big wedding day ceremony during Mahila Sangeet night.

Importance of Engagement

Engagement ceremony is also a way to introduce the girl and boy side family’s relatives to each other. This is a small gathering where the bride and groom families meet each other. They try to establish bond between one another. This ceremony starts by exchanging gifts between the groom and bride family. As the ceremony moves further there is some dance performances which cherish everyone present in that function. After that everyone enjoys the ceremony by dancing, gossiping, pulling one another legs. People have fun and the ceremony comes to an end with a delicious lunch or dinner.

Engagement Ring

Now when we know that what we do in an engagement ceremony then we also come to know that “What is the important part of an engagement”. Of course “Ring”. Now the biggest query that a girl and boy and also their families have before engagement ceremony have that what type of ring they have to buy. There is lots of option available for selection of the wedding ring like Silver Ring, Gold Ring, and Silver Ring with diamond and Gold Ring with diamond, platinum ring, and platinum ring with diamond.

Selection Of Engagement Ring

The ring selection also depends on status and financial status of the families. Like if the couple getting married belongs from a poor family then they usually prefer silver ring. And middle class family follow a trend of buying silver ring with diamond or a gold ring. And when we talk about the rich families they go with options like gold ring with diamond or a platinum ring with diamond etc. These rings usually come with diamond on middle and this is in trend from very early age and still in trend.

Now a days there is also a trend of buying rings of the first name initials of the couple and mostly these initials are written on the diamond that is fixed in the mid of ring and other if the ring does not contain any diamond then the name initial may be made up of metal itself at the center of ring. Apart from this many couples also choose ring which have some different designs at center. These designs may be like star, flower, the letter Om written in Hindi or may be Swastik symbol.

Apart from this the designs on center may be in shape of square containing multiple diamonds and oval shape containing a single diamond of good size that suits ring etc. Every couple chooses rings according to their choice and financial conditions from the available options.

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