How to choose perfect eyewear which matches with your skin tone and face size?

Everyone one has a different kind of facial features like the size of your nose, the shape of eyes, skin tone, etc. This thing makes the individual personality of every person. To look beautiful and attractive people spend lots of time in makeup and wear a different type of accessories on their body. Apparel, footwear, jewelry, and other wear things we put on our body but on the face only apply makeup. No one looks cool on a hot sunny day with dark lipstick and smoky eye makeup. Did you know?  There is only one single accessory is made for our face and that is Glasses. Honestly, most of the time when we go to the optical shop to buy eyewear. Some sunglasses, eyeglasses look attractive in the shop but not suits to you. Yes, it is true, the wrong size of frames totally destroy your look.

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Face Shape

Finding the correct pair of shades for your face type or shape can be a genuine problem. In any case, hello, don’t stress! We are here to support you. Now you can easily find what you can wear and what not? In the whole world, there are mostly six types of face shapes.

  1. Oval Shaped Face

There are no sharp edges and like an egg. For example, if your forehead is not too wide and the chin area is narrow, where chick bones are high. Luck persons have this Oval shape because every type of Shades suits them. Katrina Kaif, Katy Perry, Paula Patton, and Scarlett Johansson are some celebrities how to have an oval shape face.

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  1.  Heart Shaped Face

Cat style shades are perfect for the Heart-Shaped face. If your face is narrow from your chin and has a wider forehead than your cheeks with narrow jawlines. To create a balance between narrow and wider part of your face always avoid triangularly shaped accessory, not only glasses except earrings, nose pin, and all.

Kat Graham, Kourtney Kardashian, Deepika Padukone.

  1.    Round Shaped Face

Face characters are very simple because the width and length of the face are almost the same. Horizontal and vertical lines of the face are equal. Angular Shaped frames are suitable for Round face. Round Shape frames are not good for Round face because it will highlight and exaggerate your face parts.

Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis, and Sonakshi Sinha.

  1.    Triangle Shaped Face

Forehead is broader and chin is very narrow and cheekbones wider. Simple frames with one color, a light rim is perfect for Triangle face. This type of face is similar to Heart Shaped face.

Victoria Beckham, Kelly Obsourne, and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

  1.    Oblong Shaped Face

A long face that has thin chin and cheeks are the lucky persons. Square shape frames for this type of face. Oblong face shape is the combination of long and oval shape. You can easily pick geometrical shapes, bright color, thick rim, distinctive shapes.

Kim Kardashian, Lin Tyler, Raquel Welch.  

Skin Tone

Face size and skin tone play a significant role in your personality. It is a total misconception that every color of sunglasses suits everyone and looks fabulous. You need to use shades as an accessory to authentically feature your facial features, and to do that, they ought to be hand-picked by explicit checks. This will help compliment your face, with the objective that you can achieve an ideal look. Coolwinks is online store help you find in suitable sunglasses for you. It also provides cashback offer and grab the Coolwinks Coupons. Remember, your skin tone sets the canvas for your face, and the shades of your shades should separation or supplement that immaculately. Usually, there is different kind of skin tones, fair and dark, cool, warm, and nude. Fair skin tone divided into further categories of cool, peach, and whitish.

Fair and Cool Skin Tone

Pick Blue, Green, Purple, Grey, Pink, Black, and Silver if you have a fair and cool skin tone. Fair skin really looks cool with wood and brown frames because black frames are too dark for fair skin tones. Remember one thing nude shades are perfect for every skin type and tone.

Warm Skin Tone

When any people see you the first time so your face and hair play an important role in your personality. Always wear natural colors because it creates harmony. Golden-based frames are complimented for your warm skin type. Brown, orange, yellow, olive, red, ivory, etc are also a wonderful choice because these colors help to enhance the warm tone of your face.

Dark Skin Tone

Avoid bright, deep, and huge shades. It draws too much attention to shine on your face and also not goes with your complexion. Choose wooden frames, semi-transparent black, nude, brown sunglasses to look more pretty and sophisticated.

After identifying your complexion and skin tone properly, follow the above tips and buy perfect shades and sunglasses which enhance your style and personality.

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