How Can I Packages my Art – Small and Medium Sizes

If you have a business that sells art pieces or if you want to package some of your art to move it somewhere, then you will want to know how to do this properly so that no harm occurs to this special item. It may not be a good idea to simply put these precious pieces into careless boxes. You can consider using specialized packing so that no damage occurs to them. If you are interested in knowing how to package small and medium size art pieces then continue reading on.

Safety is very important

It is very important that your art pieces remain safe. Something that no art business will want to face is getting a call from some client saying that they got a piece of artwork that got damaged when in transit. It does not matter how wonderful some art is, or even how well you were able to serve the collector, if this artwork reached the customer in a damaged condition then the customer will definitely be upset. This damage can be avoided if you carefully plan as well as pack the art when it needs to be shipped.

specialized packing

You can get boxes that are made especially for the small and medium-sized art pieces. Custom boxes and packaging can be considered. The art pieces can be measured and a perfect sized box can be created. It should not be too big and too small as well. You need to figure out which boxes as well as materials you want to use, then plan how you can use these optimally. You can measure your artwork for this. You need to allow yourself to have sufficient room so as to buffer the artwork.

This should be from the outside world. You also may need to meet the freight company’s padding requirements. You should carefully read the freight company’s damage along with packaging policy so as to be sure that you are meeting the requirements. The box should also be sturdy enough to keep them from breaking and exposing the art pieces during the journey. You can look at the different box materials available and choose the one which will be the best for your art.

Professionalism should be present

Artists, as well as galleries, need to show the collector than what they brought, or are thinking of buying, is actually a masterpiece. All activities done with reference to the art need to reinforce this. This includes the packaging of the art as well. At the time that we handle art, remember to do this respectfully. This includes the way that the art gets shipped also. When the art arrives upon the client’s doorstep, the packaging should look as if it is worthy of what is present inside, i.e. the artwork. It should not be something that it looks like it fell off some recycling truck.

You can make the packaging art as well. Put effort into this. If you deal in sophisticated artwork then you can have a package with a sophisticated design. It can have light attractive colors. If you have art that is funky and loud, the packaging can be like this also. You can have fun and cool colors on this. Make the packaging such that it looks like an amazing piece of art as well. The customer may even decide to keep the packaging as it looks good Input Service Distributor. You can even have some exciting images and graphics on the packaging if you want to. The packaging should stand out and make the customer feel happy. As you are an artist you can make this artistic and beautiful as well.


Packaging should be efficient, economical, and also care for the environment

You do not want the shipping and packaging costs to be so much that they do not allow you to get a good profit on the art. The sale should not become unprofitable. No doubt safety, as well as professionalism, are important, these concerns need to be balanced against the costs that you have. You want to have the least cost when it comes to packaging, but still keep safety and also professionalism in the packaging.

We live in a “Green” revolution. Recycled materials, as well as energy efficient transport, is even becoming more easily accessible. You should try and use good recycled materials whenever this is possible. If you do some careful planning then you may limit the environmental impact that the art packaging activity has.

Some customers want to buy from those businesses that are concerned about the effects of their processes on the environment and take action to reduce these. You can use material like cardboard for your boxes that can be recycled. Try and find ways to make the packaging of your artwork to be sustainable to the environment.

Use bubble wrap

When packaging the art you will need some packing and shipping supplies. One of these includes bubble wrap. This is because it has the ability to protect your paintings. A sheet of bubbles that works in concert can draw much strength. This is by distributing pressure along with impact and that across a wide area. With the help of bubble wrap, you can cushion the art as well as fill space. This can prevent unwanted movement from occurring within the packaging. If you need to ship paintings then bubble wrap is something that you should consider as the filler of choice. Get enough bubble wrap that can properly keep your small and medium-sized art pieces safe.

If you have small and medium-sized art that you need to package, it is important that you do this carefully. You do not want any damage to occur to the art. This can lead to a loss for you and your business. It is your aim to make clients happy. You can do this with the art and the packaging as well. Consider the above points when next packaging your art.


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