Get Working Windows 7 Product Key: 2019 Latest Update

If you have installed Windows 7 on your computer and encounter that the system is asking for a product key, then just follow this article to the end. In this article, we will discuss the working of the Windows 7 product key that you can use to activate your system.

Windows 7 Product Key

Windows 7, developed by Microsoft, is the most widely used Operating System around the world. It comes with many versions such as Ultimate, Professional, Home, Starter, Premium, etc. 

Basically, the computer systems are of two types that are 32-bit machine and 64-bit machine. Windows 7 comes with both versions for every variant of its Operating System.

Remember one thing that Microsoft always wants you to buy the product key from their site. Hence, using the product key is not the official method but the keys are no doubt legitimate and genuine. Moreover, these works really fine for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit and it is for those who just want to try it before they buy it.

The system only asks for the product key if you install the OS without entering the product key before installing it or maybe when the activation key of your Windows gets expired. Don’t worry, as we have come up with all the working activation keys that are effective in 2019. We will also let you know how to put that key in your system to activate it.

What Windows 7 Offers?

Like other Microsoft Windows operating systems, Windows 7 also belong to the OS family of Windows NT. One of its previous versions is Windows Vista and there is a similarity between Windows 7 and Vista. 

Although, Windows 7 offers a completely different graphics and unique layout. Moreover, this operating system is much smoother than the previous one.

Due to its specialty, it is the most widely used OS all over the world. You can easily download any version of Windows 7 Operating system from the official website of Microsoft. But, download needs installation and for a complete installation, you need a Windows 7 product key to activate the OS. Otherwise, you would not be able to use the Operating System properly.

What is a Windows 7 Product Key?

The product key for Windows 7 is an alphanumeric code of length 25-characters. It comes like the format XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX and without it, you won’t be able to activate your Windows system.

This code mainly helps the developer(s) to ensure that the product was legally purchased. It is like a password without which you can’t use the program. All the Microsoft Windows operating system requires product key while installing the OS or you may even enter the product key later. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the system with full-fledged.

Why there is a need for Product Key on Windows 7 OS?

In the previous section, we have discussed what a product key is. If you have installed Windows 7 Operating System in your computer without the product key or running a system that doesn’t have the product key, then you will face troubles.

Your access to the system will become limited and some programs may not be installed on your computer. You will be restricted to full access to the Administrative settings and thus you will not be able to change some settings.

Apart from that, some programs can create conflict while installing. Hence, to get access to the full service of the Windows 7 Operating System, you will surely need a product key to activate it.

Where can you get Windows 7 Serial Keys?

If you have lost your old key that comes with the original OS DVD or product key sticker/label, you can buy it from the online vendors that sell that same. But getting it for free is not that easy but we have provided all the effective serial keys that work well in 2019.

You don’t need to take the help of using any crack or other tools to activate it. Just by following some steps, you will be able to put the key for activation. We will guide you the right way until you get the fully activated Windows Operating System.

How to Find the Serial Key on your Current Windows 7 OS?

If you are running a Windows 7 system that asks for a serial key, you can check the serial key.  There are certain tools available online through which you can check the serial key of your current Windows version.

Just install one of those programs and allow the program to access some of the computer information so that it can detect the product key of your system. You would also be able to know the validity of the product key. 

If it would be going to expire within a few days, you would need another product key which should be absolutely different from the current one.

Whatever version of the Windows 7 Operating System you are using, the latest working product keys are available in this article. You just need to copy and paste it in the right place.

In the below section, we are providing you all the working keys for every version of Windows Operating System.

Windows 7 Home Basic Product Keys [2019 Latest Updated]


Windows 7 Professional Product Key [2019 Latest Updated]


  • 237XB-GDJ7B-MV8MH-98QJM-24367









  • 74T2M-DKDBC-788W3-H689G-6P6GT





Windows 7 Starter Product Key [2019 Latest Updated]

  • 2V3W2-JXTTR-28RD8-R228D-KR69C
  • 22P26-HD8YH-RD96C-28R8J-DCT28
  • 273P4-GQ8V6-97YYM-9YTHF-DC2VP

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key [2019 Latest Updated]


Windows 7 Ultimate OEM Product Key [2019 Latest Updated]

Here we have given 4 serial keys for specific computer brands.

  • 342DG-6YJR8-X92GV-V7DCV-P4K27 [DELL]
  • 22TKD-F8XX6-YG69F-9M66D-PMJBM [Lenovo]

Windows 7 Home Premium Product Key [2019 Latest Updated]

  • 38JTJ-VBPFW-XFQDR-PJ794-8447M
  • 4FG99-BC3HD-73CQT-WMF7J-3Q6C9
  • 4G3GR-J6JDJ-D96PV-T9B9D-M8X2Q
  • 2V36J-4RK8B-GW27Q-4DXPG-RQP78

Note: You can try these codes for 32-bit as well as 64-bit Operating Systems.

How to Activate Window 7 with these Product Keys?

After you get these product keys, you need to activate Windows by following the right procedure. Here is a simple guide for that.

  • Firstly, click on the Windows button on the left bottom panel of your computer screen
  • You get to see the “Computer” option. Right-click on that and tap on “Properties”.
  • In the next window, scroll down to the down and click on “Activate Windows Now”.
  • This will let you open a new page which is Window Activation page and this will ask you for the product key.
  • Check for the version of the Operating System on which your computer is running and search the specific product key from the above.
  • Copy the key and paste it in the space provided next to “Product Key”.
  • After the verification of that key, a message of activation will appear on your screen saying “Activation was Successful”.

Activate your Windows 7 Just Within 5 Minutes:

So, that’s all about how do you activate your Windows 7 Operating System. The provided serial keys actually work smoothly on other systems and these are 2019 latest updated keys. The activation process will take a very short time. 

Just follow the instructions properly to activate any version of Windows. Somehow, if any of the product keys do not work, there are certain tools available online by which you can generate product keys specifically for your Windows 7 version. 

If you have any queries regarding the product keys, you can drop a mail at, we will get back to you with the further solution.

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