Avast Launches Safezone Browser: Here’s How You Can Download It For Free

Modern day is all about technology. We have increasingly become dependent on digital technology and the internet for almost everything. We use the internet every day to browse and surf through the website for information which is of great importance in our daily work.https://www.alltopsite.com

Browsers can be considered as the backbone of the internet. Without browsers, it is practically impossible to access the internet for our day-to-day work. Several browsers have been developed to make our daily work more efficient and convenient. Avast Safezone browser is one such browser.

Digital technology can be both a boon and a bane for us. Just as it has many positive impacts on our life, it also comes with many drawbacks. There have been many cases where the power of digital technology has been misused to breach and access users’ private data. 

Therefore, it is important today to stay safe while browsing through the internet. Browsers today come with many additional safety features to protect users from hackers and their illegal online activities.

Nowadays, having a browser which can protect your privacy and data is of utmost importance. 

What is Avast Safezone Browser?

Avast Safezone browser was previously known as Avast Secure browser. The primary purpose of designing this browser was to provide internet safety as well as privacy to the user and his system while surfing through the internet. 

The Avast Safezone browser is based on Chromium. Using this web browser will be the safest option as here programs and processes run in an isolated virtual environment. Therefore, it keeps your PC and personal data much more secure than any antivirus protection can.

Some Important Features of this Browser:

Avast Safezone browser comes with some remarkable features that are primarily meant to safeguard and protect your privacy. These features are stated below:

1. Avast Bank Mode

The Avast bank mode is a browsing mode that helps you to stay protected from any hijacked network or host. This mode stops any hijacker or cyber-criminal from stealing any kind of personal data from your system.

The Avast Bank mode gets automatically activated when you are visiting a bank page or when you are about to make an online payment.

2. Integrated Secure Browser

This is probably the most important feature that you get when you use Avast browser. This browser is integrated with an antivirus. This antivirus helps you and your browser to stay protected from any illegal online activity.

In case, you have already installed another antivirus, then also the Avast antivirus works alongside to strengthen your safety.

3. Anti-Tracking

The anti-tracking feature in Avast Safezone browser helps you to stay protected from trackers.

However, this feature is present in the Chrome browser as well. As this anti-tracking mode remains active by default in Avast Safezone browser, it serves as an added advantage for the users.

4. Flash Block

This is another interesting feature of Avast Safezone browser. The Flash Block prevents the Flash player of the browser from playing. Thereby, it helps the browser from becoming slow and vulnerable.

5. Video Downloader Feature

Avast Safezone browser comes with an integrated video downloader. With this, you can download videos from YouTube or any other site on your system. You also get to choose the resolution, size and the format of the video.

Not only can you download a video with the downloader feature but you can also play the video in the browser anytime you want. With this feature, the users can play video can even offline.

6. Stealth mode

The Stealth mode of this browser allows you to visit and browse through any website without leaving any trace of cookies or history behind you.

7. Anti-Fingerprint

Often advertising brands and websites can track your online activities using a unique browsing feature called browser fingerprint. Browser fingerprint can potentially compromise your online data and lead to a serious breach of privacy.

Avast Safe zone comes with anti-fingerprint configuration. Thus, it helps in protecting your fingerprint from being accessed or misused by others on the internet.

How can you Download the Avast Safezone browser?

The Avast Safezone browser comes with a host of features which helps in keeping the users’ privacy in focus. It is because of this that the browser has gained so much popularity.

In case, you have already downloaded and installed this browser, then your system will automatically update the browser in time. However, if you haven’t, then this is how you can download it for free:

  1. Visit the Avast official website.
  2. Search and find the Avast Safezone browser.
  3. Download the browser.
  4. Now that the browser is downloaded find the executable file.
  5. Click on Run.
  6. Choose Yes to initiate the installation process.
  7. Click on Accept and Install option to finally begin the process.
  8. After the completion of the installation process, open the browser.

Updating your Avast Safezone browser:

Updating any application is very important to continue using its features. Moreover, updated versions come with many additional features, security patches, and technical error fixes.

Since Avast Safezone is very crucial for protecting your privacy and data while surfing through the internet, updating the application every time is quite necessary. 

Here we will guide you through steps that you need to follow if you have to update your Avast Safezone browser.:

  1. Launch the Safezone browser and open the Menu.
  2. Select ‘Settings’.
  3. Now, choose ‘Update’ option from the left side of the window.
  4. You will get to see the current version of the browser with its date mentioned by its side.
  5. Below the current version, you will see ‘New Avast version available.’
  6. Click on it and download the updated version.

With cyber security crimes increasing rapidly every day, it is your responsibility to use a browser that comes with strong and sound safety features.To sum up, Avast Safezone browser is probably the most secure browser that you can ask for right now. Its advanced security features will not only protect your personal data from cyber criminals but will also prevent them from intruding in your system.

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