5 Mind-blowing ideas for Marwari wedding photography

Marwari wedding is all about rich culture, heritage and magnificent lifestyle. So Marwari wedding must reflect the grandeur of this community. At the time of hiring a professional photographer, keep in mind that the photographer has a clear idea about Marwari culture, traditions and customs.

It will be an advantage if the professional photographer is a Marwari. If he does not belong to the community, brief him about the customs and traditions.

Check these 5 mind-blowing Marwari photography ideas for you to make the wedding more memorable.

1. Capture the beauty of Marwari traditions:

The Marwari community is known for its colourful and magnificent culture. Pre-wedding rituals include Sagai, GanapatiStaphana, GrihaSanti, PithiDastoor, Mehfil, MahiraDastoor, Janev ceremony, PallaDastoor, Nikasi and Baraat.

Wedding rituals are Toran, Sindoor, Jaimala, GranthiBandhan, Paanigraphan, Pheras, Ashwahrohon, Vamang-Sthapana, Saptapadi, AanjhalaBharaai, Paharavani and Bidai. Without performing any of these rituals, the wedding will not be complete. Rituals like PithiDastoor, Mehfil are variants of Haldi ceremony and Sangeet ceremony.

Make your photographer understand the significance of each and every Marwari tradition. It will ultimately help him capture the details and the beauty of those traditions. Each of these rituals plays an important part in the wedding and you would like to relive those rituals forever through your photographs.

2. Shoot the Rajasthani dance:

Marwari ‘Dhol-Thaali’ is really amazing and it goes with the mood of celebration. You can incorporate traditional Ghoomar songs to enhance the glamour of Marwari wedding. Hire trained Rajasthani dancers to dance at the day of the wedding. Particularly, if you have selected a royal Marwari theme for your wedding, you must arrange a traditional Rajasthani dance to entertain the guests.

Folk dances are aesthetically pleasing and they tell stories in a captivating and unique way. The Rajasthani music and dance will set the festive mood in the wedding venue. Tell your photographer to capture the moves of Rajasthani dances in a way that will do justice to the liveliness of the performance.

3. Focus on the details of the Rajasthani bride’s lehenga and jewellery:

The traditional wedding dress of a Marwari bride is red lehenga. The lehengas generally consist of embroidery with gold threads and beads. These are also sometimes designed with crystals and stones. The brides use odhnis along with their lehengas, they are also heavy just like the lehengas.

A Marwari bride wears various types of jewellery in different parts of her body. When she wears Rakhri on her forehead, Timaniyaan is worn around her neck. On the other hand, Choodiare is a group of bangles which wears on her hands. She also wears Bajuband which is gold and stone made armlet. Nath and Bichhiya are known as nose ring and toe ring respectively which are worn by a Marwari bride. She wears gold jewellery named Borla, which shares similarities with Mangtika. These gorgeous accessories will look really good in photographs and you can do a lot of experiment with your jewellery. You can show off the ornaments with your bridal mehendi, you can pose with your ornaments wearing a veil to put the focus on them or you can ask the photographer to click the photos of those accessories with your wedding card.

Even though the jewellery of Marwari brides are made of gold, they also consist of Kundan and Meenakari works. The Marwari community is especially known for Meenakari and Kundan works. Without the touch of Kundan and Meenakari, Marwari wedding jewellery is incomplete. Meenakari and Kundan are significant aspects of Marwari culture and heritage. Ask your photographer to capture close-up shots of each of these accessories as every jewellery has its significance for the wedding.

4. Ask the photographer to capture the exquisite Marwari delicacies:

As Rajasthan is known as the land of Kings, the foods are also royal. So, Marwari wedding is all about various types of amazing, tasty delicacies and most of them are vegetarian dishes.
The dishes include dal baatichurma, methibajrapoori, missi roti, sahigatte, karsangri, gattekapulao, mawakachori, ghevar, balushahi and many more. You may want to see pictures of those mouth-watering delicacies again and again! Tell your photographer to capture the colours and variety of the Marwari wedding dishes beautifully.

5. Give special attention to extravagant venue and decorations:

One of the most important jobs is selecting the venue and you have to do a lot of research to choose the right one. The venue needs to match the royal theme and it must fit into your budget too.
Other than the venue, you need to take care of wedding decorations. In order to add a feel of royalty to the wedding, use a lot of flowers and lights for the decorations. If you invest a lot of time and money for the venue and decorations, you will definitely want to capture them through cameras forever.
Make sure your photographer click pictures of the venue and decoration from different angles. After all, your selected venue and decoration capture the grandeur of the Marwari wedding.

A professional, trained and experienced photographer needs to be hired if you have planned a royal Marwari theme for the wedding.

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